Determine if you want to download a Pro or User Client onto the computer. The User Client only allows employees to punch in and out. The Pro Client allows employees to clock in and out and also includes password protected access to Administrative features. At least one Pro Client is required for administration of the TimeClock.

  1. Go to the Network Edition download page.
  2. The clients must be the same version release as the Virtual TimeClock Server (we are currently on version 18).
  3. Download and run the Virtual TimeClock Client installer. 

Microsoft Windows

During the installation, you will need to select Yes to allow the time clock to make changes to your computer and Unblock/Allow program firewall access.

Apple macOS

In order to install the software you’ll be prompted for the computer’s administrative password.

  1. Virtual TimeClock will launch automatically at the conclusion of the installation. At the Welcome window, you can manually enter the TimeClock Server address:


  1. After selecting your TimeClock Server or manually entering the address, click Connect to Server.
  • If you have multiple Display Groups or if passwords are required for login, an additional window will prompt you for this information.

Virtual TimeClock Display Group Login

  1. Select the Display group matching your entity or the one specified by the conference office.