Welcome to the the help portal. It has 3 sections which are described below:

  1. Tickets for requesting help or services, and keeping track of your current and past requests
  2. Service Catalog for things like requesting toner, password resets, an adapter for your laptop, software, etc.. It works like mini-forms that ask the information I would need to complete your request(Login required)
  3. Solutions or user knowledge base where I will start publishing how-to instructions, FAQ, and other tips. 

Hopefully it helps gives visibility into the status of your request or issues, and provide helpful information. You will need setup your login(use the big red button that says Sign Up) so you can access all the features, especially the Solutions and Service Catalog. But the basic form to request help(Report an Incident) is always available.

Web Address: help.njcsda.org – Bookmark it!